Private ground school at Wings of Carolina Club by John Hunter.

Welcome to my aviation blog. My attempt here is to document my journey towards achieving my dream of aviation. My ultimate goal is to get to CFI and beyond…… but of course every long journey starts with a single step.The first step I have taken is to start ground school. I feel more confident every Wednesday that I have stepped in the right direction by joining the ground school at Wings of Carolina Flying Club(WCFC)¬†taught by John Hunter. In addition to the Private Ground School, John also teaches IFR and Commercial Ground School at WCFC.

John Hunter teaching ground school.

John Hunter teaching ground school.


John is a wonderful teacher with a wealth of aviation knowledge. In addition to being a pilot and having taught ground school for many years, John boasts a long career in the aviation industry and is able to give actual examples and anecdotes, based on his real world experience. The classes are very technical in nature and packed with information as there is a lot to cover in the syllabus. You must read ahead and do the homework, just like in any college level course to keep up. In fact this course is equivalent to a college level 3 credit hour course

I personally enjoy the questions and discussions among the students. The quality of questions and answers makes the learning process fun and enriching. There is a nice mix of students from every level of proficiency, right from first time students, like me, to students already taking flight training to advanced students with advanced certificates like commercial etc. who are retaking the class with John to enhance and refresh their knowledge. This mix of proficiency makes the class that much more fun. Before I started ground school I was debating whether I should take the classroom course or online. I can tell you now, nothing can replace the classroom experience. I would highly recommend it over doing an online course.


I will post here articles about various aviation topics mostly based on what I learn in class, numerical problems and other information that will be useful for FAA tests, any other interesting pieces of information that I might stumble across on the internet or other blogs, aviation pictures etc. I hope to generate discussion and get feedback from the aviation community. I hope you enjoy reading my articles and keep visiting my blog.  Thanks for stopping by, please come again and invite your friends too.


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